After 30+ years in the ostrich industry, we have decided to retire. We have both equipment and the breeding ostrich available for purchase. 

Some of the items for sale will be listed here, but there are many more so please use: 

for any enquires or further information. 

115 egg self turning, temperature and humidity controlled, double door front opening incubator 

We have the best of our breeding stock remaining. 12 adult birds, 7-9 years old. These birds live in two groups usually, but have been in breeding trios and all together out at grass.

They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor living, at grass in the summer months and housed during the wet winter. Their guts are used to digestion of long and short fibre which is hugely important for reduction of impact on risk (a reasonably common health complication in poorly conditioned ostrich).

All females are productive egg layers and eggs are currently being sold into industry rather than incubated, but all females are with proven fertile males so eggs can be incubated. 

Our ostrich are extremely healthy, well cared for and eat a fantastic diet at very low cost, thus allowing for greater financial gain from their eggs. At point of sale, this can all be detailed, and we are happy to support new owners with their ongoing care and veterinary advice. 

Please contact us via email for further information at: